Australian Legacy

Australian Legacy

By admin | July 18, 2018


“To evoke a legend and create a new vibrancy for the next generations.”

The vision of the Legacy was to createa highly commercial collection featuring versatile colour tenchnicues that are applicable to the salon. The idea was to create beauty in its most simlistic yet refined form. True to my roots and the base on which my colour work stems. Awarding refined hairdressing its moment by removing fussy styling, makeup and graphics.

With the above as my foundation, Legacy was brought to life from the inspiration of Watercolour. Calligraphic brushwork allows for an alluring medium in which we learn to take advantage of unexpected results. The intimacy of the medium springs from the way it encourages improvisation.
Multiple layers and a transparent glow enhances the magic quality on the reflection. Soft, fluid tones contrast strong lines with the haircuts, creating an alluring personality. Malted contrasts pull the eyes to discover every element of each style without overpowering.” explained Kristie Kesic.