Flawless Education






Flawless is the education love-child of dynamic duo Kristie Kesic and Elle Schoemaker of Stelios Papas Toowong. Together, they bring expertise in specialist cutting and colour work.
Salon education is the foundation of a strong hair industry, and sharing knowledge is powerful. Kristie and Elle demonstrate how mastering the basics of our craft is essential for a strong skill set, and why it is important to first respect and understand these skills before attempting more advanced techniques.
Flawless brings you practical education, applicable to the salon environment. Our aim is to educate and inspire industry peers, raise industry standard and ignite passion within the fundamentals of our craft.
Flawless Colour by Kristie Kesic
Flawless Cutting by Elle Schoemaker
For more information about this in salon education program please email kristie@steliospapas.com.au